That means sustainability for us.

At A+O Kunststofftechnik the topics of sustainability and recycling are capitalized. These are our heart projects in the company. In our opinion, the swing stopper is the only functioning reusable closure and thus an absolute added value for our environment. We would like to make our contribution to sustainable solutions, however, are not limited to this and have developed Reason – in close cooperation with our partners – the project “Rücknahme Dichtungen” was developed..

The principle is simple…

We supply our partners with sealing discs for the swing stopper area for supplies their products. Since the life span of sealing discs is naturally limited, these are inevitably replaced and renewed over time. And this is where our approach begins, because we take back your seals. After the thorough cleaning, these are processed into recyclate. No worries, due to the unique material structure this is completely harmless and realizable.

An example of a successful value creation cycle.

We are very pleased that we are not alone with our innovative ideas, so that we win a large animal need dealer for our thing as firm partner could. As the first company, dog toys are now sold as private label by our Partner made of 100% recycled material distributed throughout Germany. However, it is not enough for us and so there is also the possibility of the dog toys to recycle again to 100%.
Our conclusion: Less waste – more re/upcycling

We will continue to follow this path with great euphoria – further projects are already in planning. Our long-term goal is: To minimize or even completely eliminate all waste. avoid! For this dream we give everything to realize it as soon as possible

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