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A+O Kunststofftechnik manufactures plastic caps for the seal system of bottles (beer, wine, champagne and liquor) in different shapes and colours. In the meantime caps made of high-tec plastic have almost completely replaced porcelain. This has not only economic but also hygienic reasons. With regard to adhesive power 2K and 3 K flip-top plastic caps are perfectly matched with the sealing rings. Therefore unwanted moisture cannot come between cap head and seal. Unique is our expertise of cap heads with your printed logo – durability guaranteed. A+O Kunststofftechnik produces different kinds of flip-top plastic caps.



Mould making




  • Plastic heads in various shapes and sizes
  • Tailor-made closure solutions for your medium
  • Seals for a wide range of containers
  • Choice of print and colour according to your wishes

You have individual wishes?
We will fulfil your wishes, regardless of whether your enquiry involves a small or large series.

Sealing rings for beverage and food industry as well as other areas of food packaging can be produced in all sizes, hole diameters, colours and shore-hardness. We own the world-wide, one-of-a-kind and food-approved recipe by acknowledged institutes such as Fresenius and Nehring.
Our sealing rings stand out for their excellent barrier and permeation properties with respect to oxygen and hence are ideal for sealing of high-proof alcohol such as Wodka. A+O Kunststofftechnik is the only supplier of sealing rings which are most suitable for fatty, acidic and oil-based food or cosmetic products.

Seals in all sizes and colors

Plastic buttons in different shapes and colors, with or without printing, especially for the brewery needs.

Plastic buttons with and without pressure especially for the brewery needs.

A+O Kunststofftechnik has many years of experience and know-how in the plastics processing industry and a technical specialization in injection molding process as well as in molding tools. The company has best contacts to highly reputable companies. This provided ideal conditions for Bernd Oester, CEO at A+O Kunststofftechnik, to start an extensive and complex development project once again: this time he focused on a reproducible injection molding process for a coreless, hollow cap head.

The development was successfully completed in the first half of 2014. Since July 2014 the new 3-K-LK-cap head has been manufactured at the Schwarzbach subsidiary near Kulmbach. Its innovative production process helps to achieve substantial savings in weight as well as shortening the cycle time. Thus A+O Kunststofftechnik has gained a technically unique selling proposition with an attractive price-performance ratio without any impact on characteristics or quality of the cap head. As for 2K-cap heads, the TVP sealing rings of new 3K-LK-cap heads are directly injected. 3K-LK-cap heads are used for different kind of applications such as high-proof alcohol, oil, fat or in different material- and colour combinations for standard purposes.

The additional product innovation made by A+O Kunststofftechnik is not only economic for refillables but also for non-refillable bottles in the beverage industry. A+O has achieved a cutting edge technology which benefits their clients.

What are your individual requirement? We can deliver, not matter whether your request is for a small series or mass production. We will be glad to be your competent partner in product development. Please contact us for more information.

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