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20 years A+O Kunststofftechnik

From a two-man-company to a global player

A+O celebrates 20 years and opens a subsidiary in Schwarzbach near Kulmbach

It all began in 1994 with the project „Plopp“ for flip-top caps: The sealing ring made from rubber latex was replaced by plastic. This former product innovation was produced on one injection moulding machines.

Nowadays A+O has more than 60 employees as well as 30 injection moulding machines. The company mainly supplies its products to Western Europe. „We are extremely grateful to our employees who support us 365 days a year and who have been the driving forces behind our success-story“. Over recent years, we have been growing continuously. Therefore I would like to thank my employees’ families too. I would also like to express heartfelt thanks to my own family of course“,Bernd Oester, CEO at A+O Kunststofftechnik adds. His son Oliver joined him in 2013 as CEO, his wife and his daughter-in-law are responsible for administration and customer service. „Special thanks also to the community Mainleus who gave us a very warm welcome when we first opened our new production plant in Schwarzbach near Kulmbach and greatly supported us in our initial phase“, adds Junior Boss, Oliver Oester. On July 6th, the subsidiary was officially put into operation.

The plant expansion guarantees A+O Kunststofftechnik even more flexibility, absolute reliability of the production process and results in a higher production and storage capacity. Thus A+O is well-prepared for further market expansion, especially to Eastern Europe and Russia. Additionally the company strives to make itself independent with an autonomous power supply (a photovoltaic system has already been installed) over the years to prevent price increases or power failure and to preserve the environment at the same time. This will ensure that A+O remains a reliable partner for its customers in terms of price stability as well as reliability in the production and delivery process. These competitive advantages will help the company to position itself even more successfully in the market.