About us

Since 1994 successful in Consulting and Quality

The starting point began with project „Plopp“ in October 1994. The challenge was to replace the sealing rings made of rubber latex by elastic and long-life plastic. For Bernd Oester and his former partner Klaus Angermüller this had been the beginning for many products and innovations.

A+O Kunststofftechnik has had many years of experience in material development of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and since then has successfully launched and established innovations and further developments. A worldwide innovation had been the introduction of sealing rings most suitable for the “fatty food segment”. These sealing rings are used in caps for greasy and oil-based food and cosmetics.  Absolutely innovative is A+O Kunststofftechnik’s development of 2K and 3K flip-top caps. The seal system can be applied without extra fitting of sealing rings. This demonstrates our know-how in the field of seal system.

A+O Kunststofftechnik is continuously investing into new product development and optimization to maintain and improve its high level of quality. The process is planned and implemented cost effectively with all partners, from the initial ideas about design and construction right through to the final product. Because quality, customer satisfaction and long-term partnership are first priority.